Fake Hype vs. Real Passion

What is difference between fake hype and real passion? The answer may seem simple one is forced and the other is not right? Yes and no, because how can you tell? In the weight lifting society there are people who fall under this category of “fake hype“ there are also people who fall under the category of “excessive/passionate personality” but how do you tell the difference. There is no simple answer but a measurement of genuine excitement and pure happiness or even anger in some instances. For example not all passion comes from screaming, while that is the most perceived notion of passion when lifting it is not always the way. While there are some who screa, there is another who fist pumps or someone else who just head nods. Everyone has their thing, so how do you tell if it’s fake or not? As cliche as this may sound, you know true passion when you see it, when you feel it. The rush you get when you pass a test, or get that lift in this sense emotions take over. so I end this by saying, don’t fall under the category of fake hype, you aren’t impressing anyone with your forced scream to look good on the gram, people can smell that from a mile away. Handle your business and be passionate and genuine and you’ll be just fine.

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