Routine & Consistency

Routine and consistency are two things that will carry anyone through any career. I preach this to all my athletes, “make every rep, every setup, every warmup look the same”. A routine will help anyone to flip that switch and the consistency the endless reps implementing the same cues, same stretch, same head nod whatever it is will be engraved in you and become second nature. Once you get to the platform (metaphorically, the platform can be any situation or important ”stage”) you don’t want to have to think, you want to act. Whether this platform is a business presentation, a sales pitch, a lift or even kissing a girl or boy you don't want to have to think. The mind is an amazing thing, it allows you to have extensive knowledge, understanding and feel, but in some instances you want to be able to turn your mind off and perform. The thing that allows you to do just that is confidence. Confidence is the byproduct of consistency and consistency comes from a routine, these three things all work together to create a successful individual. Spend all the time in “the lab”, the weight room, study room, office building that routine coming up with cues to help you remember bigger ideals, and then executing these cues creating consistency so you can build the confidence to perform when needed. Then you’ll finally be able to not think and just do.

Thank You,

Brandon Dudley (aka BamBam)

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